Tasty Tuesday Snickerdoodle Protein Shake #tastytuesday

This is one of the go-to recipes in our household! It is a protein shake that tastes like Snickerdoodle cookies! All the taste, all the good stuff, nothing that is bad for you.   

Tips and modifications for this recipe. Bottoms up! Kpl 🙂

*For lower carbs, substitute liquid Stevia for the honey. (Truvia is stevia with bad preservatives — but that’s another blog!

*Using the PB2 option you can use your blender bottle to stir. Otherwise with natural peanut butter you will need your Ninja. Costco has an amazing organic powdered peanut butter that is significantly less expensive than PB2 and tastes a ton better!

*I like mine ‘on the rocks’ — meaning on ice. 

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