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What is Klout score? #sociallife

What exactly is a Klout score? Klout measures how much you, as a social media user, influence your industry and other social media users. It measures all of your social media activity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus and FourSquare. An average Klout score is 40, while 60 puts you in the top 10% of all social media users. 

Your score is influenced by the amount of content you post, share, and react to. The more social media influence you have, and the higher the score. Influence means likes, comments and reactions to the things you post and share.

Setting up a Klout account is free and will give you a good idea of just how influential you are in social media. To use Klout, I recommend signing up on www.klout.com using your computer, load your social media profiles, and then download the app to your smartphone so you can more closely monitor your score. Scores are evaluated with influence from the past 90 days. Influence does not mean the number of posts, it is the amount of activity on each post.

The highest Klout score? Justin Beiber.