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Clean eating vs Prepackaged: Easy oatmeal recipes

Compare the ingredients of rolled quaker oats (in the big tub) to the conveniently flavored apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar oatmeal packets. Can you pronounce all the ingredients in the packets?

Here are some clean eating alternative recipes. Feel free to adjust for taste. FYI, Ten packets of the flavored oatmeal packets will cost you roughly $3, or 33 cents per serving.

The clean alternative for the apple cinnamon oatmeal and the cost:

Six servings of rolled oats (1/2 cup per serving) prepared. Grate 1/2 a small fresh apple (using a cheese grater) and 1 tbsp of ground cinnamon. Stir and place in small containers. Refrigerate for later or eat while warm.

Cost: 25 cents per serving. (Initial investment: 40 oz container of Quaker Oats is $4, small organic apple .60, container of cinnamon $1.)

The clean alternative for the maple brown sugar oatmeal packets and the cost:

Six servings of rolled oats, prepared (1/2 cup per serving). Add 2 tbsp of real maple syrup and 2tbsp of butter. Stir and place in small containers. Refrigerate for later or eat while warm.

Cost: 25 cents per serving. (Initial investment: 40 oz container of Quaker Oats is $4, bottle of grade A maple syrup $7 for 12 ounces and package of 4 sticks of butter $4)

If it is the convenience of the packets you like, make the six servings of this on Sunday, put it in tiny containers, and take those to work or heat them up in the morning. You can also buddy up with someone and split the cost if you are worries about not eating all the portions yourself.

Yummy! 🙂 kpl

#Healthylife Wild Salmon

On this #filetFriday I am featuring one of my favorite filets — Wild Caught Salmon! Salmon is very easy to make and loaded with Omega-3 and Vitamin D.   Today I prepared mine with a tbsp of raw honey, some cayenne pepper and a slice of lemon. Cook on 350 degrees for 16 minutes and voila! Complement your salmon with a tasty side of broccoli, green beans or asparagus. 

When purchasing salmon you should always choose wild Alaskan salmon or Wild Sockeye Salmon instead of farmed salmon. This great article on WildForSalmon.com explores the large differences between the two types, but in general farmed salmon are fed horomones, are more susceptible to illnesses and have a higher mercury rate than wild salmon. Often, the salmon served in restaurants is farmed unless stated otherwise in their menu. 

My family purchases the wild sockeye salmon at Costco. Kirtland brand of 3 pounds of wild sockeye salmon filets runs  around $30. 

It’s easy to eat “green” #tastythursday #peachykeenlife

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today, I have decided to eat all naturally green inspired meals today. For breakfast I made my own lime flavored greek yogurt.

A great way to keep your yogurt tasty and healthy is to buy it unsweetened and add natural juice or real fruit to it. A lot of popular name brand yogurts aren’t very healthy — there is a lot of added sugars and unnatural sweeteners. My personal favorite is greek Fage yogurt because its cows are not fed antibiotics, greek yogurt has natural probiotics to help prevent ‘leaky gut’ issues, and is high in protein to keep you feeling full. 

Adding Fresh-squeezed juice from limes, lemons and oranges to greek yogurt tastes dreamy — I add stevia to get a little added sweetness to the greek yogurt.

Enjoy St. Patty’s Day! Kpl 🙂

Thin Mint Cookie inspired protein shake #tastytuesday #peachykeenlife #healthylife

It is girl scout cookie time, and if you are anything like me, it is so hard to say no to the angelic faces selling you the cookies. It is even harder to resist the cookies themselves! 

This is one of my favorite protein shake recipes and it tastes just like a thin mint girl scout cookie! I listed the organic ingredient option since I am an organic buff but you may certainly substitute for standard product.

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Kpl 🙂