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Peachykeenlife peachy keen life Kathy Piech-Lukas
Kathy Piech-Lukas, dreamcoach, wedding planner, lupus survivor, leading a peachy keen life

This blog has been years in the making — since I was a child, my nickname has been ‘peachy.’ Perhaps it is because my maiden name is ‘Piech,’ pronounced like the fruit. Or maybe my outgoing, bubbly personality made the nickname stick. For whatever reason, it is a big reason why I hyphenated my last name. (I adore my husband, but ‘have a Lukas day just doesn’t have the same ring to it!)

For the past 18 years I have worked in marketing, communications, public relations and event planning. Twelve of those have been spent planning weddings as the owner of Your Dream Day. And while I love weddings, there is so much more to me that white dresses, flowers and stacked cakes. That voice, which is the rest of me, has been drowned out by the wedding bells. I don’t want to be married to Your Dream Day 100% of the time — there are other parts to me that make me who I am. That is what #peachykeenlife is all about. Everything else that is KPL.

During the past year, I lost 40 pounds by eating clean, organic and healthy, and following a workout program with Beachbody. A lot of that weight was gained years ago compliments of all the medicines I had to take to combat my lupus. So while the drugs saved my life, they also made me gain 70 pounds in six weeks. I am finally on the path to conquering that battle! So this is the HEALTHY LIFE part of #peachykeenlife.

Since starting Your Dream Day, colleagues have always considered me a website, SEO, and social media geek. I get requests all the time from people wanting help with their social media, or the ‘talk to me like I’m five so I can understand’ request. I will be teaching social media intensives on Mondays in Cincinnati, Tuesdays in Dayton, and one on one with those who want it. This is the SOCIAL LIFE part of #peachykeenlife.

As a wedding professional and small business owner for twelve years, I have had wedding professionals and other small business owners ask me for help them with planning their events (like sales meetings, grand openings, and holiday parties), their marketing, and PR. So this will be the BUSINESS LIFE of #peachykeenlife.

Lastly, what is life without inspiration! Quotes and words of wisdom will be the HAPPY LIFE part of #peachykeenlife. On the bad days, and if I am surrounded by negative people and dramatic situations, sometimes I need to remind myself to have the happy lofe attitude!

I am excited to finally embrace this part of me and hope that you too will join me on this journey!

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