Life is short

This past weekend, my husband and I attended the memorial service for the father of his best friend’s wife. It was a reminder to both of us just how short and precious life is. Both Jim and I have dealt with the loss of family members taken too soon — his father and brother (both 54), and my sister (32) from cancer, my brother from a brain virus, all of our grandparents. 

When people say life is too short, it seems like a cliche. But in the blink of an eye, I turned 40. I remember my 21st birthday like it was yesterday! If you ask a person in the twilight of their life, they will mention a lot of the things listed above. They will also say that they wished they had walked away from unhealthy situations and relationships, enjoyed the little things in life, and to live for yourself and not other people.

How are you living your life right now? You can’t change the past but you have control over your future and what it holds. You will have obstacles — everyone will — but how you navigate those obstacles speaks to your strength, integrity and values. Those define who you are and your legacy.

Deep thoughts, but how are you living your life? Would your ten year old self be proud of who you have become?

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