I’ve Fallen … (And I CAN get up!)

When you were a child, and you fell on the pavement playing kickball, did you sit on the ground, crying, and watch everyone else continue to play? Of course not! (Unless you broke a bone … That’s another story.)  You got up, dusted off your pants, and kept playing the game. If Shannon Miller had given up on gymnastics every time she fell, would she be the most decorated American gymnast today? 
So why as adults do we feel that it is the end of the world if we fall down in life? That is an excellent question. We all fall down. Falling down makes you appreciate the ‘ups.’ You learn lessons from your mistakes when you fall down, and those missteps you took are life’s lessons that help you to grow. Whether it is as a business owner, a spouse, or whatever your role may be, falling down is part of the journey. On your life’s path, you won’t step in that large pothole again if you know it makes you fall, or step on that wasp with a bare foot because you know how much it stings. You will swerve to avoid that large branch swinging in the breeze. You will do that because once before, you didn’t and it made you fall.

Today I was supposed to launch my new yourdreamday.com blog on #weddingwednesday. After reviewing the work that another person had done for me last year extensively for three hours, it became clear I would need to start over from scratch. Fall down! After taking a lunch break, I realized that launching a few days late isn’t the end of the world. Once again, my creative juices started flowing and the site is well on its way to being up and running on Friday.

There are days when a little hiccup like this would make me huddle into a fetal position and cry. This mishap could have been ‘the end of my world.’ But today it wasn’t, and that means it’s time for my peach boots to keep on walking through my life journey!

Kpl 🙂

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