“Healthy” Life

Last year, I lost 40 pounds simply by changing my lifestyle. My new daily routine includes eating clean (meaning real, non processed foods), organic foods as often as possible, home made meals, and exercising at least five days per week. My coach helped me, and now I want to help others too!

How does “healthy life” part of the #peachykeenlife work? It is simple!

(1) YOU Make a commitment for 60 days to eat healthy, do the exercise program of your choice, and to check in daily with the group (other people just like you on team #peachykeen) on the private Facebook group.

(2) MY commitment to you is motivation, working out with an exercise program (just like you are), eat healthy, and check in daily with you. I will also post yummy healthy recipes, motivational quotes and personal inspiration to keep you going, contests to keep us moving toward your goal.

Want to learn more? Contact me and I’ll tell you how to choose your workout program for the peachy keen challenge!

Life is peachy keen! Kathy Piech-Lukas, award-winning bridal and wedding consultant with the 'peachy' personality, gives you insight into her life of planning weddings, working with wedding businesses, speaking to groups and inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest dispite any obstacles that may come your way.