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Motivation Monday

I’ll be honest — I was so not motivated today. Some days getting up and moving is so hard. When you are self employed, the only boss kicking you out of the bed is either the person sleeping next to you or the man upstairs, so to say!

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So I got to work later than normal today, and then I checked my Facebook account. I had not checked emails or voicemails yet. And I learned that I had been named to the Dayton WiBN top 25 women to watch for 2016! What a way to wake up!

Then I realized something bigger… Had I not woken up today, I would have never learned that someone I work with nominated me. If I had gotten moving earlier in the day, I would have accomplished so much more work today from being so motivated. It is amazing what one positive statement from someone saying ‘people do notice what you do’ can make a huge difference in your motivation. So what if you said something nice to someone who doesn’t expect it? Think of the extra spark and motivation you would give to someone today by giving that priceless gift that doesn’t cost you a dime.

Happy #motivationmonday! Kpl 🙂