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๏ปฟBe Happy No Matter What: Book of the Month

Each month, I try to do something to improve my inner self and spirit. This month, I am reading “Be Happy No Matter What,” by Ellen Seigel. I won the book as a door prize at the Cincinnati eWomen network meeting and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

I’ll be sure to write a review of it next week! If you are interested in hearing the author speak next week at the Dayton eWomen network meeting on Wednesday, June 8 from 11-1:30pm at Yankee Trace, contact me about how you can attend at no cost!Kpl ๐Ÿ™‚

Networking events: Getting the most bang for your time and effort

Networking events are a great way to increase your business connections. I try to leave each networking event with at least 5-10 new connections that I didn’t have before I came. 

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Sharonville Chamber of Commerce Open House Networking Event

Attending an event with 60-300 business people can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to navigate a networking event so you walk away with new connections to help you grow your resources. 

Work the room: Spend 3-5 minutes per conversation during the networking hour. Try not to get cornered by someone unless you feel the conversation is one that canโ€™t be continued later on over coffee or lunch. Good exit lines are โ€˜will you excuse me, I need to get a napkin; my boss just arrived; I need to hang up my coat or drop off my purse.โ€™ Move about and make an effort to say hello to people you know and encourage them to introduce you to the people they are talking to you that you may not know. 

Choose your seat wisely. Get a seat that faces the same direction as the guest speaker. Nothing is more annoying than having to turn your chair to hear the speaker, then spinning to eat your meal. 

Bring business cards. I’ll say it again. Bring business cards. Did I mention you should bring business cards to networking events? Don’t leave home without them! 

Make mental notes: You will meet lots of people at networking events and it may be hard to keep them all straight. Jot some notes about each person on the back of their business card to jog your memory. (For example: BBB networking event at JD Legends, bubbly blonde with glasses, event planner, just went on a pontoon boat ride.) 

Wear a conversation piece of clothing, jewelry, or necktie that makes you memorable. It can be a bold color, festive pattern, trendy shoes or a chunky necklace, but this piece that will serve as an icebreaker or memory jogger. I used to have a peach colored suit that I would wear to more formal networking events that was a great icebreaker. People remembered my last name is pronounced like the fruit because of that suit. For more casual events, I wear a hat. (That way, people remember me as the girl with the hat, or they can point me out across the room). A nice Stella Dot or Park Lane necklace, cool shoes, a ring or fun hair style are also great conversation starters.  

Follow up within 24 hours. Send a simple email saying that you enjoyed meeting them, offer your assistance in the future and ask if they’d like to grab coffee sometime. At that time also add them to your contacts list, do a connection request on LinkedIn and (depending on your connection) do a friend request on Facebook. You can follow their business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter as well. 

Looking for some great networking events to test out your skills? Check out the local BBB, Chamber of Commerce or business guilds in your industry. 

Happy networking! Kpl ๐Ÿ™‚ 

๏ปฟNetworking events and the food buffet: how to eat responsibly while networking

Networking events are great for connecting with business colleagues, building new relationships and learning new insight to help you grow your business.

The downside? The breakfast or lunch buffet. All those bad carbs and fattening foods on the buffet, just for one plate, may be all the calories you should consume in one day!

So how do you survive the dreaded buffet and eat responsibly? Here is what I do:

(1) Drink 32 ounces of water, and if possible, a protein shake before you leave for the event. This will fill up your stomach and make you feel fuller so when you arrive at the event, you won’t feel as drawn to the cubed potatoes, bagels and muffins.

(2) Avoid breads, potatoes, bagels, muffins, sugar cereals and pasta. These are big bad culprits. Not only does the carbs in these types of food give you a quick sugar high, you’ll also feel a crash before the next meal. These foods will tempt you to snack later in the day. That being said, oatmeal is okay. This is a slower digesting carb that is good for you. Steel cut is best but rolled oats are okay. Avoid the pre-flavored packets and add your own maple syrup, applesauce or cinnamon for the same flavor more naturally.

(3) What is a serving size? One serving (in general) of food is the size of the palm of your hand. So one piece of chicken is fine, one scoop of green beans — one scoop in general is all you need. Salad dressing, croutons, and sunflower seeds on a salad should be no more than two tablespoons. Your plate doesn’t need to be spilling over with food.

(4) Load up on salad, fruits, veggies, and one protein (like chicken, eggs, etc). You can’t go wrong with these! Go easy on the sauces and gravy though, it is full of unnatural fillers, sugars and thickeners.

(5) Drink water or unsweetened iced tea with your meal. Avoid soda pop that is loaded with sugars and artificial flavors.

(6) Take one bite of the dessert. After taking that one bite, decide if it is really tasty enough to have a second or third bite. Dessert should be no more that three portions on your fork or spoon.

Happy networking! Next blog we will discuss tips to maximize your time at a business networking event. ๐Ÿ™‚ kpl

Staying and keeping focused

So I will admit … I got off the blogging bandwagon for a few weeks. Everyone gets in a funk, right? First I got a cold, then my husband got back to back episodes of gout. So needless to say between that and the rainy weather, I wasn’t working out the way I normally do. When I don’t work out I get out of my routine, I feel sluggish and depressed, and my rhythm gets off.
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When we are children we are provided with a structured routine — breakfast, go to school, sports, church — but when we are adults you need to create your own structure. If you are a stay at home parent, work from home or are self employed, that structure is even harder!  

Here are some tips about how to get and stay in a routine

(1) Exercise in the morning. You may need to get up an hour earlier but giving yourself that opportunity to stretch both your mind and body after a good night’s sleep will jump-start you for the day. Plus releasing all of those endorphins will put you into a great mood!

(2) Go to bed the same time every night and remove technology from your bedroom. A bedroom was meant for sleeping, not watching TV. A lot of people (myself included!) use their cell phone as an alarm clock, but the temptation is there to pick it up and Facebook, play games and read blogs (like this!) during the night when you canโ€™t sleep.

(3) Eat breakfast after you work out. Your body will continue to burn off the calories longer during the day if you do this. Instead of eating, drink a glass of lemon water when you first wake up and drink water throughout your workout.

(4) Set a list of goals for the next day the night before. Before I close up shop for the night, I create a list of everything I need to do for the day while it is fresh in my mind. This will keep you focused on what you need to accomplish the next day and during the week.

(5) Take mental breaks throughout the day. Every 45 to 90 minutes, try to take a 15-20 minute break to recharge your thoughts and refocus your energies. Complete a task before taking a break to help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

I’ll stay focused (on blogging better this month) if you do! ๐Ÿ™‚ kpl

Social media tutorial

Today I had a one on one social media coaching session with Kay from Legal Shield. We refined her Facebook personal and Business Fan page, created her pinterest page, and updated her LinkedIn Page. 

Kay and I first met at a local networking event for the Cincinnati eWomen network. She immediately told me about how she felt overwhelmed by social media and wanted to learn how it could help her business. 

Since LegalShield provides low cost legal representation for families and small business owners for an affordable monthly rate, as well as identity theft protection, we decided that Facebook and LinkedIn were the best outlets for her. 

Our goal is to (starting this summer) provide weekly tips about everyday things that may require you to have legal protection and what your rights are! To follow Legal Shield Kay Hunter on Facebook click here.

๐Ÿ™‚ kpl

Bahar Reza Grand Opening

This past weekend I coordinated the red carpet grand opening for Bahar Reza, a custom fashion house located in the Shops of Oakwood. The owners have to be two of the sweetest and most talented people I have ever met. 

More than 250 guests, including City of Oakwood and Dayton VIPs, attended the event. Champagne and light desserts were served to guests. 

Custom designs by Bahar Reza, a private couture label, were featured in a walking model fashion display and on the racks. 

Bahar Reza has developed a partnership with James Free Jewelers. At their annual Mother’s Day event in Oakwood, Bahar Reza provided models dressed in couture gowns that handed out roses to each lady at the event. For Bahar Reza’s grand opening, James Free offered a complimentary goody bag, a 15% off coupon, and a door prize of a $600 David Yurman bracelet.

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Thanks to Ice Sculptures by Ramon

A huge thank you to Prime Time Party Rental, The Flower Shoppe, Eden Salon & Spa in Oakwood and Your Dream Day / Peachy Keen Events for making the event a success!

To learn more about Bahar Reza, read these articles from the Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Daily News.

Get a (social) media life class on 4/18/16 at Sharonville Convention Center

To register for the class click here. Maximum 12 students per class.

Are you overwhelmed by all the social media websites and apps out there? Which one is right for you? How on earth do you go about setting it up? Learn how step by step, with your laptop and smartphone. 

“Get a (social) life social media class’ on 4/18/16 from 10am-3pm, Sharonville Convention Center. Step by step, learn how to use Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote and grow your business. $100 per person, box lunch included. 

When this class is done, you will have complete profiles created and ready to go, your social media apps set to post, and the confidence to use social media to promote and grow your business. 

Event listed on Facebook fan page for Peachy Keen Life 

Solicitors? Don’t recognize that number? How to make them stop.

Every day I get phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize to both my business line and my cell phone. Who are these annoying people and how did they get my number? In most cases, they purchased a list from another third party which you (unknowingly) gave permission to share your information with other third party vendors.

 no  soliciting no telemarketers do not call list 
The national do not call registry can help with telemarketing calls to your home phone number and cell phone number. If you are listed on the do not call registry and the company calls your personal home line or cell phone, they can be looking at a fine of tens of thousands of dollars per incident. 

Do not solicit list — don’t just ‘take me off the list.’ If you answer the call and it is one of these telemarketers, ask them to place you on the ‘do not solicit’ list. A common mistake is asking them to ‘take you off’ the list — it will not solve the problem. You are taken off that person’s list but not the dozens of others. If that company calls you after 31 days of registering on the do not call list you can complain to the website above — just keep a log of the company, time and date of the call, and the phone number.

Telemarketers calling your business. If you are being solicited on a business phone line, the rules are trickier. There isn’t a ‘do not call’ list for businesses, which makes it harder to field these calls. Here are some tips to dealing with telemarketers soliciting your business:
(1) Google the phone number. Enter the phone number and you will learn immediately who is calling you. One of my personal favorites is, which allows its users to report about calls they receive from exact numbers, who called, and what they were asking.

(2) Block the number. Depending on your company’s phone system, you may be able to block any incoming calls from a specific number. iPhone users can easily block a number by clicking on the circled ‘i’ when you click on the number to get additional information. Virtual PBX systems like also give you an option to block the number.

(3) Don’t Press “1” to be added to a ‘do not call list’ by a machine voice. Often times you will get a robo call, which is a computer calling your number. This robo is verifying that your number is valid. By answering the phone you are doing just that. Clicking ‘1’ does the same thing. I learned this the hard way — I have unsubscribed more times than I can count from one particular merchant yet I still get the same robo call.

(4) Pick up lines When a telemarketer is fishing for leads, they will ask open ended questions like ‘who is in charge of advertising,’ ‘may I speak to the owner,’ or ‘may I speak to the person respnsible for accounting.’ These are clear signs of intent to sell you something!

(5) Politicians are exempt. The do not call list does not apply to those seeking public office during election campaigns.

Door to Door and In-Person solicitors

If you are dealing with door to door solicitors that come to your home or place of business, your city or township can help you. 

(1) Ask to see their permit. In most cities, a permit is required and issued by the city to vendors wishing to solicit door to door. (This doesn’t apply to girl scouts, politicians, snow shovelers or grass cutters, but it does to people selling windows, roofs, and other home repairs.) 

(2) Nine times out of ten they will not have a permit. I have heard the excuse of ‘my boss has it,’ ‘I have it in my car that is parked down the street,’ or ‘my partner has it.’ If they can’t show you the permit, you can call your local city building and they will cite the solicitor if he doesn’t have a permit.

(3) Post ‘no soliciting’ on your door. This sign may or may not detract someone from coming to your door or trying to sell you advertising at your place of business. However, you can easily point to the words posted on your door and politely ask them to leave. 

(4) City may have a do not solicit list of its own. Some cities will allow you to register for their own ‘do not solicit’ list for in-person solicitors. This goes back to the rule that door to door solicitors need that permit from the City.

(5) Be smart. Let’s face it, we live in a scary world. If you see a stranger at the door, you don’t need to answer. Make any scheduled appointments show their badges, work clothes with logo, etc before you invite them into your home.

Good luck! Remember it is always best to be polite, so be polite when you tell solicitors to back off and leave you alone!

Kpl ๐Ÿ™‚

Time Out … For Adults

When a child misbehaves, or needs to change and shift their behavior, the adult in charge puts them into a time out for one minute for each year. After the time is up, the adult tells the child why they were put into time out and asks for an apology. Once received, the adult allows the child to continue on with their day.

Why, as adults, do we not use this practice on ourselves? Did we suddenly become so perfect? Of course not! As a child, our parent or guardian kept us accountable for bad behavior. Today, we are the accountable adult that keeps our behavior in check.

How can you, an adult, use the techniques of a time out to improve your bad behavior?

 (1) Recognize when you are not being productive or when you are engaging in bad behavior. This can mean anything — bad behavior can include eating bad foods, yelling at someone, surfing the internet at work, or not being productive at the office.

(2) Write down your bad behavior on a piece of paper, ideally in a ‘time out’ journal. By writing down your bad behavior, you’ll be able to remind yourself later of why you put yourself in a self imposed time out. By putting it into a journal, you can elaborate later about how you got to that mental place to begin with, and see if you have a consistent pattern of putting yourself into a time out for the same thing. It will help you identify if a patterned ‘time out’ is a habit you need to change.

(3) Take your time out. As an adult, though, you don’t have to stand in a corner. Ideally, go for a walk, sit on a park bench, or take a bath for one minute for each year of your age. You can also opt to go for a jog or a power walk if your schedule allows. During your time out, you are not allowed to watch TV — that part hasn’t changed! ๐Ÿ™‚ If time constraint is an issue, your time out should be a minimum of 15 minutes. The most important thing is that you find a change of scenery.

(4) Read your note from step 2. After your time out, read the note about why you put yourself there in the first place. Reflect now, with a clearer head, what you feel you were doing wrong or what your changed perspective is. Write down your thoughts below the quote.

(5) Apologize to yourself and do a five second ‘self hug.’ Reward yourself for recognizing your ‘bad behavior’ with a self hug. Embrace yourself and close your eyes for five seconds. Then, put your journal away and move on with your day!

You will feel refreshed, have an altered shift of personal energy, and be empowered to conquer the rest of your day. Enjoy!! Kpl ๐Ÿ™‚

We learned life’s best lessons as a child…

…but somehow, as adults, we forget the simple lessons that life has taught us.  This image spoke to me today. Each and every one of us has our own inner power. Whether you’re an athlete, business owner, or trying to take control of your lifestyle, the simple fact is YOU have the power to be great. Everyone has the power to do great things. The willingness to “just do it” is what separates the people who wish they could and those who actually are doing it.

What is holding you back? Are you holding yourself back? Are other people and negative influences around you holding you back? Why aren’t you doing something you want to do?  “Where there is a will there is a way. Great accomplishments can happen with hard work, personal drive, a goal and a dream.” Kpl ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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